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Report about treatment with Ukrain

Dipl.-Med. Bärbel H.



After our telephone conversation during my visit to Dr. Weber on 18.06.2012, as promised, I would like to inform you about the progress of treatment of a cervical carcinoma with my mother.
In November 2007 we received MRT findings showing a very large tumour of the uterus with infiltration of the bladder and the rectum. (Diagnosis No. 1)
The tumour was inoperable and there was, in addition, a kidney insufficiency and renal shrinkage with a probable previous urinal obstruction caused by the intrapelvic tumour.
Chemotherapy was not accepted by my mother and was terminated after the first infusion.
From January 2008 I began with intestinal therapy, mistletoe therapy, intravenous O2 treatment and bioresonance therapy. Examination showed a slight regression of the tumour and the general condition was stabilised.
After meeting Dr. Weber at a congress in Göttingen I began with intravenous laser therapy preceded by infusions with Ukrain.
You can see what good progress was made from the enclosed results. My mother is tumour-free and in very good condition for her age.
We observed very rapid regression of tumour markers during laser and NSC 631570 therapy.

Dipl.-Med. Bärbel H