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Recommendations on the NSC 631570-100% herbal active ingredien-t usage


NSC 631570 (Ukrain) — is the anticancer preparation with a selective effect. In therapeutic dosage it kills only cancer cells leaving the healthy cells undamaged. It has immunomodulating properties: it regenerates the immune system thus the sportsmen use this preparation as a doping.


The action of the preparation is determined by the reaction of the organism on it and depends on the time of taking the medication.


For the determination of the best time of the intake of the preparation the next 3-days-scheme should be used: 


1 day: evening 18-00 — 21-00 — 5 ml rectally 

The reaction of the patient should be written and noted 


2 day: afternoon  12-00 — 14-00 — 5 ml rectally

The reaction of the patient should be written and noted 


3 day: morning 08-00 – 10-00 — 5 ml rectally

The reaction of the patient should be written and noted 


Notice: if the tumor or metastasis in the lungs are suspected to be then the preparation should be taken rectally on the first day and inhaled via ultrasonic inhalator on the second day. 


At the time, when the strongest reaction of the body is determined, the heaviest destruction of the cancer cells is happened (the patient can feel warm, pinch pain, prickling, weakness in the tumor area etc.).


Thus, during the next 17 days the preparation should be taken at the time when the heaviest reaction on it was noted and felt.


If the reaction is very strong it means that many cancer cells have been destroyed — in this case the pause (1 day, max 2 days) can be made with the aim to remove toxins from the body.


During the take of the preparation all the physical activities should be minimized. If the patient wants to sleep so he/she should sleep as much as possible. If the patient fells thirsty then he/ she should drink a lot of liquid. (+ recommendation about soda bicarbonate).


With the death of cancer cells from the body a lot of iron is also excreted, so it is recommended to eat foods rich with it, especially to drink cocoa.



The course should last for 20 days long.


The pause for at least 20 days should be made. The next course for 20 days should be repeated.


Then 3 weeks of the break should be made.


After that the repeated course should be done until the cancer tumor is destroyed completely. 


P.S. First cancer patients who took “Ukrain” live more than 90 years (as it is described in the book of Dr. Eleonore Thun-Hohenstein. Krebsheilung unerwünscht. Kampf gegen ein Patent 



It is well known that during the illness (e.g. flu) it is important to “lie down” in bed, and then the recovery goes faster. 

According to the research results conducted by Prof. Larissa Skivka from Kyiv (Ukraine) there are 2 components of the immune system: M1 and M2.

M1 is high when the patient stays in bed and receives Ukrain - then M1 destroys the viruses and cancer cells.

M2 is high when the patient has the increased physical activity. When the patient moves and receives a lot of Ukrain, the M2 indicator is even higher. It forces the creation of new cells to heal the wound.

That is why when using Ukrain it is important (recommended) to stay calm as well as to minimize the physical activity.