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Who Benefits?

In Austria, about 36,000 persons develop cancer and about 19,000 die of the disease every year (source: Statistik Österreich). A medication was developed about 30 years ago which, in fact, did cure some patients of cancer and the patients are alive even today. The results of research have proven that it was no a self-healing effect. Sadly, however, only a few persons have been able to benefit from this treatment in 30 years. Whose fault is it?

The preparation described in the following is not only effective when used for several types of cancer (,,,,,, but also for patients with diseases for which no other treatment option exists (,,

In the course of my research I developed the drug Ukrain (Australian patent no. 2001 2094/01). This medication is the first cancer drug with a selective effect: it exerts a toxic effect only on cancer cells (,, and, in contrast to standard therapy (,, does not damage healthy cells (,, It causes tumours to become encapsulated (,, which facilitates their surgical resection ( Besides, Ukrain regenerates the patient's immune system (,, and has no side effects in therapeutic doses (, This is the first and - so far - only cancer drug in the world that possesses these properties. Its efficacy (, safety ( and quality (,,,, are guaranteed.
For the use of my preparation Ukrain as a cancer drug, the first application for marketing authorisation was submitted to the Austrian authorities in 1976 and the application was re-submitted in 1981 ( All conditions for marketing authorisation according to the valid laws at the time were fulfilled (,,, because Ukrain effectively counteracts cancer (,, is more than 300 times less toxic than its baseline substances, and causes no side effects when taken in therapeutic doses (,

Regrettably, marketing authorisation has not been issued until the present day - nearly 30 years after submission of the application. This rejection is contrary to law and has been justified by a violation of procedural law. ( Pursuant to §8 (previously §12) AMG (Medicinal Products Law), a doctor may prescribe a yet non-approved preparation provided he certifies that "the medicinal product is urgently needed to avert a threat to life or serious damage to health… …“ ( However, as marketing authorisation has not been granted, the social security institutions have categorically refused ( to bear the costs of the treatment. This is a violation of the patient's right to free choice of treatment. So far, only those persons who could afford the preparation have benefited from it ( 

The first patients who received Ukrain while they were in a hopeless condition have been alive now for more than 25 years (,

From media reports I have come to know that many Austrian cancer research groups are currently working on the development of medications with no side effects. ( It is highly commendable that even the cancer research institute where I worked as a student in 1976 and developed a cancer drug with no side effects ( has made extensive efforts in this field. The more cancer drugs we would have with these properties, the more patients we would be able to help.

My preparation is the first drug with these properties and exists for more than 30 years now. We do not know how long Austrian researchers will take to develop a comparable product - more than 30 years have passed, but we lack any signs of success. Regrettably, cancer patients cannot wait. Therefore I do not consider it meaningful to deprive patients of my preparation and the information about its effects.
The Austrian Federal Constitutional Law guarantees, in Article 7, the same rights to all citizens and simultaneously demands adherence to the laws of the country ( Unfortunately, these principles are being consistently violated in my case (, All of my efforts to remedy the situation have been to no avail (,,,, I am therefore compelled to direct the attention of the entire world to this unlawful situation.
The civil servants of the health ministry refuse to grant marketing authorisation because they do not fully comprehend the reason for the efficacy of the complex: whether it is thiotepa or celandine alkaloids ( Several investigations, including those with the aid of the highly sensitive method of gas chromatography have proven that the final product Ukrain contains no traces of thiotepa (,  Thiotepa is used in the manufacturing process only to provide the alkaloids with an affinity for cancer cells and render these water-soluble. This, however, is entirely irrelevant for a cancer patient. In his/her critical condition, the patient wishes to be treated with an effective medication that possesses a low side effect profile and would be able to save his life. That is of utmost priority for the patient and Ukrain fulfils these conditions, as confirmed by numerous publications ( and presentations at international medical congresses ( Every patient in Austria is health-insured and is entitled to use a good medication when faced with an emergency.

As all current laws, namely §8, line 2 and 3 of the regulations concerning medicinal specialities 1947 were fulfilled, but marketing authorisation has not been granted until the present day, my rights guaranteed by the Austrian Constitution are being violated. And the victims are cancer patients.

I appeal to all citizens of the world whose relatives suffer from cancer or have died of cancer to raise their voices and protest against this unlawful situation.

Corruption is defined as a condition in which laws are unofficially rendered null and void. It is the most destructive factor and the foremost evil in society. Corruption flourishes when we remain silent. In the case of Ukrain it has disastrous consequences for cancer patients.