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Vienna, 29.01.2009

In 1976, in Austria as its country of origin, I made an application for the approval of the medicament Ukrain for the treatment of patients who had exhausted all other modes of therapy. By 1986 I had submitted more than 450 medical histories to the ministry as proof that Ukrain was effective and not a health hazard (

It has been proved in studies that Ukrain is effective against cancer, and at the same time that it is 300 times less toxic than its starting substances. According to the laws passed in 1947, which were in force in 1976, Ukrain should have been approved immediately because it is made up of two approved starting substances but has an advantage over both of them.

In 1993 the Bristol Meyers Squibb company applied for the approval of the product Taxol and this was granted within a few weeks although only 17 case histories were submitted. Why did Austria grant approval as the first country in the world although it was not even the country of origin of Taxol, but refuse to grant approval to Ukrain?

The Austrian constitution guarantees equal rights to all citizens. In my case, why has the right to equal treatment to which I am entitled been violated?