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Vienna, 05.02.2009

In Austria approx. 36,500 people per year are diagnosed with cancer and around 19,200 die of it.

Worldwide aprrox. 10.8 million people per year are diagnosed with cancer and around 6.7 million die of it.

Ukrain is registered in many countries such as Ukraine, Mexico, the United Arab Emirates, Georgia etc. and has Orphan Drug Status in Australia and USA.

krain's efficacy and the fact that it is not a health hazard has been documented in 258 specialist publications and it has been presented at 220 congresses. In 1999 a symposium was dedicated to Ukrain in Sydney as part of the 20th International Congress of Chemotherapy. All of this makes it possible for doctors to prescribe the medicament for patients.

Why is the Österreichische Apothekerverband (Austrian Association of Chemists) preventing the dispensing of Ukrain in Austrian pharmacies? According to § 8 Arzneimittelgesetz Abs.2 (Austrian Medicines Law) a medicament which is not registered should also be available "when a doctor in Austria who is authorised to practice medicine independently certifies that the proprietary medicinal product is urgently needed to prevent a threat to life or a serious impairment to health and, according to scientific knowledge, this result can probably not be achieved with a registered and available proprietary medicinal product".