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Gansauge Witness Hearing 2012.10.19







GZ: 2.699 606/1-II/BK31

Vienna, 19.10.2012

Gernot Leingruber, KI

BM.I-BK ABT. 3.3.2
MOBIL: 0xxxxxxxxx4 Gernot.Leingruber@BMI.GV.AT


Witness Hearing


Re: Nowicky Pharma — Suspicion of serious fraud


Place of hearing:                                                   Police station,Vienna 13, Am Platz

Beginning of hearing:                                           10:00

In charge of official proceedings/hearing:         Leingruber, KI

Language:                German                                Interpreter necessary:                    No

Other persons present:                  Kreulitsch, KI BASG 0101 - AGES


Personal circumstances as declared:


Status:                                              Witness

Surname(s):                                     GANSAUGE

Surname at birth:                            GANSAUGE

Sex     :                                              male

First name(s):                                  xxxxx

Academic title:                                 Dr. med.

Day,month, year of birth:             xxxxxxx

Place,district, county of birth:     Sindelfingen

 Country:                                         Germany

Nationality:                                       German



Street, house number:                   xxxxxxxx 4

Postcode, place, district :               xxxxxxxx

Country:                                          Germany

Telephone number(s):


Profession/ occupation(s):                       Surgeon

Relationship to the accused:       None



Translators note: There follows standard regulation information for witnesses questioned by the Austrian police, with details of their rights, obligations etc. It is not translated here as it is standard in every case.


After having been informed of my rights etc. I voluntarily state the following:

 I have been informed that the Federal Criminal Office is investigating the company Nowicky Pharma and the preparation “Ukrain”. As a surgeon I administrated “Ukrain”to patients. 




Question: Do you know the company Nowicky Pharma and/or the  preparation “Ukrain”?

Answer: In 1996 or 1997 I saw a report about UKRAIN on television on RTL2. I asked my assistant at the time to get in touch with Dr. NOWICKY because I was interested in the preparation UKRAIN. At the time Dr. NOWICKY sent me some ampoules for scientific purposes. My team at the Neu-Ulm university clinic then worked with UKRAIN and clarified its mechanism of action. Dr. RAMADANI was in charge at the time. It was found that UKRAIN works in a similar  way to Taxol and prevents the formation of “spindles”. I no longer have any records about what batch of UKRAIN was used for our tests. It is possible that it is still on the files of the University Clinic of ULM.

Put simply, it can be said that UKRAIN is an effective means of preventing cell division. There are various studies on this carried out by other colleagues. I would mention Ms. PANZER from South Africa.

Question: (Mag. WÜRKNER) At the time had you already established the difference between healthy and diseased cells?

Answer: We worked on the basis of cancer cell lines.

Question: To how many  patients did you administer UKRAIN and are there records?

Answer: For my study from 1999 to 2000 I administered UKRAIN to 60 patients. It was a palliative study. The study presented to me now is the study I indicated. It deals exclusively with pancreatic cancer.

Question: With how many other patients have you used UKRAI N?

Answer:  Ialso used UKRAIN with patients in the adjuvant retrospective cohort analysis. This was partly at the UNI-Klinik Ulm as well as at the Centre for Oncological, Endocrinological and Mini-Invasive Surgery. I worked at the UNI-Klinik Neu-Ulm until 2001.

Overall I would estimate that at both clinics it was about 140 to 160 patients over the period from 1999 to 2004/2005. I would like to mention that the patients never paid anything for UKRAIN because we also received UKRAIN free of charge from NOWICKY.

If I reckon each course of treatment to be an average of 10 months, we administered about 4 ampoules per patient per week.

Question: Are there records of the names of the patients who were administered UKRAIN?

Answer: These are at the clinics I mentioned and also at the BfArM (Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices).

Question: Have you also used UKRAIN with other types of cancer or only with pancreatic cancer?

Answer: We also used UKRAIN treating individual patients with various types of cancer. There is a list of the types of cancer for which we used UKRAIN with the German authorities.

Question: Were you able to establish a change in the patients’ clinical picture through the use of UKRAIN?

Answer: In this regard I refer you to my study.

Question: Were some patients completely cured?

Answer: No, not with the palliative patients. With the adjuvant patients there were around 30 percent who lived for more than 5 years.

Question: Does the administration of UKRAIN before surgery effect the condition of the tumour, for example that the tumour becomes loosened or jelly-like?

Answer: There are no scientifically documented studies by me on this. It can happen that a tumour becomes smaller, but this can also happen without the tumour being treated.

Question: How did you obtain UKRAIN and how much did you pay for it?

Answer: I never paid for it. We received all the ampoules of UKRAIN from Dr. NOWICKY free of charge. .

Question: Do you know Dr. Wassil NOWICKY personally and if so, what do you know about his education?

Answer: I have known him personally since 1998 or 1999. As far as I know he is a qualified radio engineer. I read that on the internet in the media reports of NOWICKY’s arrest. I don’t know anything personally from him about his education. I don’t know what he studied.

Question: Did you ask NOWICKY about the treatment procedure for patients?

Answer: Of course, I obtained the treatment schemes for my studies from NOWICKY and then modified them according to my findings.

Question: On the basis of what studies did you inject UKRAIN directly into patients’ livers?

Answer: No, that never happened.

Question: Until when did you treat patients with UKRAIN?

Answer: I think until 2005, 2006, I can’t be so precise about that. After a phone call from the regional council (Regierungspräsidium) I then stopped treating patients with UKRAIN.

Question: How many free ampoules did you or your hospital receive from NOWICKY?

Answer: I have no idea. It is all documented and with the financial authorities.

Question: Did you confirm these deliveries of free ampoules? In what amounts (number of ampoules) did you receive UKRAIN?

Answer: I always confirmed delivery. It was always one carton.

Question: According to the delivery confirmations that we have you usually received 400 ampoules?

Answer: Then I received 2 cartons, each with 200 ampoules.

Question: According to the delivery confirmations that we have you also received a total of 1,200 free ampoules in 2007.

Answer: I don’t know about that.

Question: How many studies of UKRAIN have you been involved in?

Answer: In one study and one analysis.

Question: Did you not stand trial in Germany because of a study of UKRAIN? Why, and how did the trial end?

Answer: That’s incorrect. The BfArM drew up a secret report which by chance landed in “Der Spiegel” magazine one week later. Since then the German authorities have misquoted themselves so that there would be evidence.

Question: Was NOWICKY operated on at your clinic due to cancer several years ago? Supposedly he had neuroblastoma?

Answer: I can’t comment on that. Once he was operated on at the clinic some years  ago. But I don’t know why. I can look it up and bring the information. It certainly can’t have been neuroblastoma. Neuroblastoma only occurs in children.

Question: Would you treat neuroblastoma with UKRAIN?

Answer: No, certainly not. Neuroblastoma can be treated with conventional medicine and has around a 95% chance of a cure. In that case I wouldn’t try anything else when I have a 95% chance of a cure with a certain treatment.

Question: In recent years have you worked on studies or carried out work for NOWICKY or the PONTISAN company?

Answer: About 2007 to 2008 I drew up a business plan for NOWICKY, how to get production on the right track. I received about 20,000 euros for it. I don’t  know now when I received the money — it wasn’t until 2010 or 2011. I can bring my records later. I received the money from NOWICKY PHARMA.

Question:Do you know the company PONTISAN?

Answer: Yes, sure. Frau Heidrun THOMA. I met her once in Neu-Ulm in 2010 or 2011.

Question: Why did you receive a bank transfer of 25,025 euros from PONTISAN on 26.07.2011?

Answer: Yes, I did receive the money. I received the sum as an advance for my book that is called “UKRAIN — nightmare of a cheap medicine” and will be published next year.

Question: Did you notice a change in the composition or consistency of UKRAIN?

Answer: No, I didn’t. We always received the same batch number for our study.

Question: It emerges from your study that UKRAIN has the best effect with GEMCITABINE, whereby GEMCITABINE is a chemotherapeutic drug. With UKRAIN treatment would you advise against chemotherapy?

Answer: No, I would not. With pancreatic cancer nothing is of any use anyway. I would only use UKRAIN as a supplement. In the case of prostate cancer, I would never treat it with UKRAIN alone. Prostate cancer must be operated on and then treated with hormones. Perhaps I would take UKRAIN as a  supplement because it has no side-effects.

Question: Does UKRAIN have a fluorescent effect, or rather can a skin cancer be detected after an injection with UKRAIN?

Answer: Yes, it can. Because a malignant cell is better supplied with blood. But this effect applies to all alkaloids, not only to UKRAIN.

In my opinion UKRAIN works, but not as monotherapy and not with established standard forms of treatment.

Question: NOWICKY always claims that UKRAIN has an immuno-stimulating effect?

Answer: Every cytostatic drug is immuno-stimulating at a small dose.


I can give no further information on this matter.

I had the opportunity to read through this hearing page for page or to have it read to me. I had the opportunity to have corrections made.

End of the hearing: 13.30


Questioning executive officers:                                                  Person questioned:

Gernot Leingruber, KI.                                                                  Dr.Frank GANSAUGE

Markus Kreulitsch, KI.

BASG 0101



Zeugen_Vernehmung - GZ: 2.699.606/I-II/BK






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