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The interview with Dr. Yaroslav-Wassil Nowicky, the inventor of the anticancer preparation "UKRAIN"

The interview with Dr. Yaroslav-Wassil Nowicky, the inventor of the anticancer preparation "UKRAIN"


The telecast "Profiles" with the Ukrainian Journalist Igor Gulyk


Theme of the program is “What is destroying the democracy?”


(The Ukrainian version of this program recorded in Lwiw (Ukraine) on the 4th of January 2016 you can watch under the following link: )


- My congratulations on the telecast "Profiles" and I, journalist Igor Gulyk, as usual, will lead it.

I was always amazed and even a little bit jealous with people who had an ambiguous and a difficult life behind them but nevertheless have never left their optimism. And even more: these people have never shared their rich experiences in public. Such people always just do their job quietly. Moreover, they are, as I have already said, not public or "glamorous". They believe in their work everyday and it appears that it is necessary for  other people. Dr. Yaroslaw-Wassil Nowicky is a guest of the today’s telecast "Profiles". He is the author of a well-known anti-cancer drug “Ukrain”,f  member of the New York Academy of Sciences. Welcome, Dr. Nowicky.

-          Good day.

- But first - your short biography.


Dr. Yaroslaw-Wassil Nowicky was born on 15th of October 1937 in the village Kamyanets’ (Pereginsky district of Stanislavsky region, Ukraine) in a family of an employee. From 1943 till 1945 he stayed in German concentration camp in Neumark.

1960 he finished his study at the radio-engineering faculty of the Polytechnical Institute in Lwiw (Ukraine). After that  he worked at the factory for TV sets manufacturing, then – as a senior teacher at the Technical school of radio-electronics in Lwiw.

1974 Nowicky left to Austria where he studied at the University of Vienna, where he has received degree of a Dr. Sci. Tech. He has created the Ukrainian Institute of Cancer Overcoming. Nowicky is an owner of the “Nowicky-Farma” firm.

1976 he synthesized an anticancer preparation to which UKRAIN a bit later entitled. This preparation received patents in many leading countries of the world. In Ukraine the preparation UKRAIN has been registered for the first  time by the Ministry of Health on 15th of October 1998. Thanks to successes in treatment the registration has already been prolonged for two times, last time on 12th of November 2008. UKRAIN has the status of an Orphan Preparation for the treatment of pancreatic cancer in the USA and in Australia.


In 2012, Dr. Nowicky was arrested in Vienna on charges of fraud and distributing the medicine “Ukrain” not registered in Austria. Later Dr. Nowicky was released on bail.


Dr. Wassil Nowicky is a real member of the New York Academy of Sciences, member of the European Union for applied immunology and of the American Association for scientific progress, honorary doctor of the Janka Kupala University in Hrodno, doctor “honoris causa” of the Open international university on complex medicine in Colombo, honorary member of the Austrian Society of a name of Albert Schweizer.


- Doctor Nowicky, I do not want to keep intrigue so let's find out now what happened in Austria in 2012 and how is it going with your case now?

- Everything happened with violation of all norms and laws. When the drug has gained popularity and publicity in the whole world (including the USA and Australia, where it has the Orphan Drug Status), so with the aim to stop the evidence of growing its efficacy, the Austrian authorities have committed such illegal steps. My complaint has already been accepted by the UN, by the Court in Strasbourg and in The Hague as well. The people responsible for this crime will be called to account for it. I am sure you will soon hear about it very soon. All the ampoules with “Ukrain” were confiscated, which was completely illegal. And the most important thing is that there was no appropriate court decision to do this. The responsible Austrian court has ordered to return me all the confiscated vials, but it has not happened yet. There was a huge number of offenses happened. But that's the past. So let's not talk about it.

- Nevertheless, you are in your fatherland, in Ukraine, and I would like to ask you a somewhat unusual question. You had a rather difficult life: concentration camp, emigration, and now persecution for your business. On the other hand, you have felt and recognized the sweet success as a scientist. Such a "roller coaster", I would say. So what keeps you in this life on such steep turns?

- Faith! You see, life is structured as follows: the positive always wins. If it was not so, everything would decline. I believe in this. Besides, I know I'm doing a useful job. And I'm sure that I will not allow myself to do something, the benefits of which I would not be convinced. So I go on, despite all the vicissitudes.

- Of course. So I would like you to remember your difficult stages of life, first of all the concentration camp. We have a Ukrainian poet Mykola Petrenko, who as a child, - as same as you, - has spent some time in a concentration camp. What are your memories of that?

- You see, it was terrible, that was an understandable thing. But it was the war time and the war always brings something destructive with itself. All the people in the society are always divided into two groups: destructive and creative. Destructive people make revolutions, lead wars, and then come to power and continue to destroy everything. And creative people quite the contrary. For example, there were countries where the revolution was glorified - for example, the Soviet Union, you also have to remember a little from that time. Revolution brought little benefit. If we look at the development of society in the world nowadays, so we see that the best development there is in countries where there were no revolutions, and where was the evolutionary development of the society. For example, the Scandinavian countries or the Netherlands. Incidentally, among the European countries in Denmark there is the lowest level of corruption, and at the same the Austria is a quite corrupt country. Therefore, in those countries where some people felt some fear of my drug, so there were used some corruption schemes and the appropriate steps were made.

- You mentioned the creative people. I have no doubt that you belong to this category because you do something. Nevertheless, the work always encounters some obstacles or jealousy or,  let’s say, just a purely human fear of another's success. How do you feel about this?

- The efficacy of my drug is recognized worldwide, there are many publications dedicated to it. Recently I was invited to the International Cancer Congress in the USA as honorable speaker. And all it happens despite the vicissitudes in Austria. As you know, I was twice nominated for the Nobel Prize. First, we must believe in what we do. I'm not interested in all these awards - I'm just doing my job. When I realized how useful it is for other people, I began to improve this product. And that is what keeps me in life. And what can I say about the concentration camp? So, there was a war then and the people came to power who made the revolution and who continued to carry something destructive. In the course of time the society removes from the power such kind of people and only positive things remain. Of course, the conditions in the camp were harsh and the man’s life was not worth anything. Even as a child, I've seen people who had a penchant for sadism and there they had a good opportunity to show this their rice, you know? But, thank God it's all over.

- Clearly. I would like to ask you some other question. During the whole your life you are surrounded by many people – close people and not only. So my question is as follows: whom of them do you owe your success in life? Family? Friends? Maybe, some authoritative and influential people? Or yourself?

- I owe my observation. Since childhood, I was interested in everything and I liked to watch, learn, observe. Being a child, I distinguished between positive and negative, but wanted to be closer to positive things. Maybe that’s the point. And, of course, the environment was very important as well. I had very good friends of different nationalities: Ukrainians, Jews and Russians. They also contributed to my development. Their outlook was for me very important and interesting. We talked on various themes that had also a very positive effect on me.


"The positive always wins. If it was not so, everything would decline. I believe in this. In addition, I do a job that is useful for others. So I go on, despite all the twists and turns. "


- Doctor Nowicky, you are following the present development of Ukraine from Austria – so, that is a kind of a detached look. But you are a Ukrainian and apparently absorb the reaction of Europe on everything that happens here: on the revolution, on the war with Russia, on the attempts to reform the country in a civilized manner. What is your assessment of all this?

- Europe is also outraged by the actions of Russia in Ukraine. For example, Russia stole the Crimea yesterday, and tomorrow it can be some European country. And so it may start the World War III. The Second World War, as you know, has started by the same scenario. All the citizens condemn such actions of Russia. I personally do not know a single person in Europe who would accept it, you know? These are completely destructive actions.

- Recently there was written an interesting letter under the title "What destroys the Ukrainian democracy?" And you were the author of this letter. So, Dr. Nowicky, please tell me what destroys Ukrainian democracy? Because for me, as for an Ukrainian, this question is ambiguous one.

- I was in Kiev, where an elite of deputies has occurred. And it was incredible. And that was the impetus for writing an article entitled "What destroys democracy?" If it is democracy, so everyone has the right to be a deputy twice in his life. There are 50 million citizens in Ukraine. The more people are in power, the more benefit they are able to bring to the State, so they can accumulate positive and thus reduce negative. Everyone of us has both bad and good in itself. That must be a prerequisite for selecting a deputy once in a lifetime. Now let's look at the development in different countries, coming after the elections. So, there is a new government and thus there is a push to development. And then comes the decline. The party cannot be in power for more than four years - even if it were a holy one. Those who are interested in this party will advertise it in every way, because they will have benefit from it. We must ban advertising of parties for money - only press should be involved in this process. So, in my opinion, there may be only 3 leading parties in the same period. Further, if one of them comes to power and does not fulfill its promises, it should be called to account. Incidentally, a few days ago, I learned that some Ukrainian citizen brought a suit against the Prime Minister of Ukraine Mr. Yatsenyuk for the failure of election promises. That is, a breach of trust of the voters.

- This is a precedent.

- Yes, of course. This case should be taken into account and followed by the people. It will be a precedent not only in Ukraine but also worldwide. This will compel politicians to think about their promises. That is, if do not keep your promises, the people have the full right to call you to account for it.


"First, we must believe in what we do. I do not care about awards. I'm just doing my job, because I realized how useful and necessary to other people it is. "


- Very often with the guests of my telecast we talk about time. And each of them has their own assessment of it. You are chemist, researcher, your conclusions are based on intuition, on analysis. Please tell me, what is the present time in which we live for you personally?

- Each of us has something good in itself, otherwise there would be no progress, you know? Time is what we feel. We feel it, we live in it and we cannot live it twice because it just goes by. And our duty is to spend it useful - both for society and for ourselves. This is my attitude and my opinion concerning the time.

- Of course. Moreover, you constantly are trying to overcome the time, because you want to continue the people’s life. Can the present generation continue it a little bit?

-          Yes, I think. You know, I am preparing a new article now, which should have the title "Beware of the sport!" We know that our cells can divide only 50 times during the whole life. I have done some research and analysis of the health of athletes, who won the sport competitions many years ago. Unfortunately, they have lived for 58 to 60 years, because they had problems with heart. So we must be careful with sports. Of course, it is useful because without it is bad too. But everything should be in moderation. This is the first thing. And you should a positive attitude to life. I always say: thoughts and words have magical powers. I watched many people and came to the following conclusion: those who look at life positively, they are good in life. And to those who constantly complain receive only negative. So I always tell people: you blame yourself! Look for something good in life! This is my attitude to this.

- The problem of time is very close to the conflict between generations - of course, there was always a conflict such like this. In Ukraine there are still echoes of the Soviet past thinking about it. But there are many young people, who have absolutely different values ​​- particularly the European. Although I must say that these European values ​​are not always positive, because there is mercantilism and consumerism among them too. So how do you feel about the conflict between generations?

- It is a very interesting question. I personally have three children. And I always tell them: you are smarter than we are. In other case there would be no development. I really laugh when I think about it, because I remember myself as a student, when people said: oh, how bad is the youth nowadays! It was much more better in our times! Our children really are smarter than us. That is why there is progress. This is a fact.

- Doctor Nowicky, I would like to ask you one more question. What else would you want from your life? What is unfulfilled, but is a dream of you?

- To contribute to as many Good as possible. The Fate made me acquainted with Professor Anatoly Ivanovych Potopalsky who made the first steps in developing of the anticancer preparation UKRAIN. I understood its efficacy, its importance and its benefits. This, I have devoted all my life to the development of the discovery of this anti-cancer preparation and thanks to God it has not disappeared. But the first steps in this direction did exactly Professor Anatoly Potopalsky. And I am just trying to continue his work.

- I want to wish you success in your difficult path. And I remind our viewers that our today’s guest was a famous Ukrainian scientist Dr. Yaroslaw-Wassil Nowicky, a member of the New York Academy of Sciences. Thank you for such a sincere conversation and certainly thank you that you came to us from Vienna.