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Letter to Federal Minister of Health

To: Mr. Alois Stöger
Federal Minister of Health
Federal Ministry of Health
Radezkystrasse 2
1030 Vienna, Austria

From: Dr. Wassil Nowicky
Nowicky Pharma
Margaretenstr. 7
A-1040 Vienna

Vienna, January 21, 2010

Dear Minister,

I am the inventor of the anti-cancer preparation UKRAIN (Australian Patent No. 2001 2094/01), which is produced from two approved starting substances, Thiotepa ( and greater celandine alkaloids (

As can be seen from decision No. 34983/02 of the European Court of Justice from 1 February 2005 I applied for approval of my preparation UKRAIN on 27 July 1981 ( According to legislation in force at the time - Spezialitätenordnung (Medical Specialities Order) 1947, § 8, 2 and 3 – approval should be granted because UKRAIN is effective against cancer ( and in comparison to its starting substances demonstrates the following “improvements in a therapeutic sense” (
• it is more than 300 times less toxic (
• it mainly accumulates in tumour tissues, which can be easily demonstrated due to its autofluorescence under UV light (,
• it has a selective effect (, is toxic for cancer cells but does not damage healthy cells ( and therefore brings about tumour remissions without the well-known side-effects of chemotherapy (such as bone marrow suppression etc.)
• it regenerates the immune system (
• it brings about encapsulation of tumours thanks to its anti-angiogenic properties, which improves operability (,,

There should therefore be no problem about the approval of UKRAIN.

As can be seen from the film documentary ( on the enclosed DVD, the first patients treated with UKRAIN are still alive after more than 23 years (, A series of practising Austrian doctors and scientists who were impressed by the results of UKRAIN treatment requested the ministry to approve UKRAIN in an accelerated procedure (

Despite this UKRAIN is still not approved in Austria as its country of origin as a result of unlawful breaches of procedural regulations ( This was the impulse for the book “Krebsmittel UKRAIN - Kriminalgeschichte einer Verhinderung“ by Dr. Eleonore Thun-Hohenstein (Molden Verlag, Vienna,, Because approval was rejected the costs of treatment with UKRAIN are not covered by health insurance institutions (

The efficacy (, safety ( and quality (, of UKRAIN have been proved in numerous studies.

In countries where I have applied for approval it has been granted after evaluation of the documentation with regard to efficacy, safety and quality, such as in Ukraine, Georgia and Mexico ( UKRAIN has also been granted Orphan Drug status in the USA ( and Australia (

Despite my requests my lawyer has so far not filed an appeal against the delay at the Higher Administrative Court ( I therefore ask you to give appropriate instructions to the legal department of your ministry to grant approval to my preparation in accordance with the law in force at the time of my application.

Because this is a matter of public interest, I will take the liberty of publishing this letter and your much-appreciated reply on the internet.

Yours sincerely,
Dr. Wassil Nowicky