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Letter to the Austrian Minister of Health

Mr. Alois Stöger
Federal Minister of Health
Federal Ministry of Health
Radetzkystrasse 2
1030 Vienna


24 February 2011

Dear Federal Minister,

Please take two minutes for the well-being of children with cancer. 

You have surely heard and read on my safe anticancer medicine Ukrain. I would like just shortly inform you at first hand. Perhaps I can contribute with my research to the alleviation of oncologic diseases in children.
There were 14 children among 203 patients who had exhausted all other forms of therapy who were treated as part of a controlled study in Germany. Thanks to Ukrain a full remission was achieved with eight of them (57%). Seven of these children who had exhausted all other forms of therapy had Ewing’s Sarcoma and a full remission was achieved with four of them (more than 50%), partial remissions were observed with three children (attachment 1).

Ukrain free of charge for 11 children patients or donation

According to the Austrian Medicines Act, §8, a doctor may also prescribe a non-approved preparation when relevant conditions are fulfilled:
“§ 8. (1) Medical specialities do not require approval if…
… 2. a doctor or veterinary surgeon licensed to practice in Austria attests that the medical speciality is urgently needed to combat a life-threatening situation or serious damage to health and that this result could not be expected to be achieved with an approved and available medical speciality according to the state-of-the-art…”

The using Ukrain is absolutely safe because the therapeutic index is 1250 (attachment 2) and due to §8 (former §12) of the Austrian Medicines Act legally allowed.

Ukrain is not any unknown mysterious preparation but a well-researched medical speciality which has been described in detail in the specialist literature and to which more than 170 publications are dedicated in PubMed alone (attachment 3). 
The efficacy and safety of Ukrain have been the subject of more than 260 publications (attachment 4) and 280 congress presentations (attachment 5).
Ukrain has Orphan Drug Status in the USA and Australia. Ukrain has been also approved in other countries (attachment 6).
Having saved many cancer patients’ lives with Ukrain the world famous New Yorker physician Dr. Robert Atkins wrote in the book „Alternative Medicine Definitive Guide to Cancer“ (Future Medicine Publishing, Tiburon, California, USA, 1997):
„Like chemotherapy, it kills cancer cells very well but, unlike chemotherapy, it spares normal, healthy tissue. If the medical community were willing to give it a try, ukrain could replace chemotherapy in treatment almost all cancers“ (page 31, par. 1; attachment 7).
In a study at the Institute for Clinical Immunology and Allergology at the O. Bohomolets National Medical University (Kiev, Ukraine) 38 children aged from 3 to 14 with relapsing lung or bronchial diseases received the preparation Ukrain with at a total dose of 35 mg. The study was approved by the State Committee for Pharmacology at the Ukrainian Ministry of Health and the local ethics commission. The general well-being of the patients improved. The study results demonstrated Ukrain’s favourable immune modulating effect: the number of immune globulins G, the phagocytic activity of the neutrophil leukocytes and the helper/suppressor ratio increased (attachment 8). 
I know how important this preparation is for children suffering from cancer. I therefore see it as my duty to do everything so that Ukrain will also be made accessible to other patients, especially children who have exhausted all other forms of therapy, as quickly as possible.
Since all my letters to the St. Anna Children hospital remain unanswered (, I am forced to ask for your attention today. I would very appreciate if you could apply your authority so the St. Anna Hospital answers my question: donation or Ukrain free of charge for 11 children with cancer.
I do not understand why families are being robbed of a chance to save life.
I send to you the book ‘Anticancer drug Ukrain: a criminal story of a prevention’ by Eleonore Thun-Hohenstein (attachment 9). I think it is high time to stop this prevention.
Since the public has a right to be informed, I take the liberty of also publishing this letter as well as, finally, your appreciated reply on the internet. 


Best regards,



Dr. W. Nowicky


P.S. Publications in the specialist literature prove the efficacy and safety of Ukrain (attachment 4) and thereby also that the observed remissions are no coincidence. A few examples are included here.
Dr. Burkhard Aschhoff reported in detail on one female patient in a separate publication (attachment 10). Here too, a full remission was achieved with Ukrain. The patient, who was 10 years-old at the time, is still alive today and is 21 years-old. 
Of five neuroblastoma patients in the aforementioned study (attachment 1) a full remission was achieved in three cases and a partial remission in one case. No effect was observed in only one case.
Successes like these should actually give reason to begin Ukrain treatment for children with Ewing’s sarcoma and neuroblastomas immediately after diagnosis instead of using chemotherapy immediately with its well-known high toxicity, cancerogenity and strong side-effects (attachment 11). It should be considered that the therapeutic index of conventional cytostatics 1.4-1.8, which entails great risk of an overdose. In contrast the TI of Ukrain is 1250 and there is thus no danger is case of an overdose (attachment 12).
At the Medical University Kyiv another study was carried out with 40 children aged 7-18 with recurring diseases of the respiratory system, they received Ukrain up to a total dose of 20 mg. Therapy significantly improved the external respiration parameters and modulated the immune system through its influence on the CD4 cells (attachment 13).
Marianna Katic, 13 years-old, who was suffering from tuberous sclerosis was discharged as a hopeless case by hospital doctors and treated with Ukrain from 1996 (attachment 14). Mrs Katic is now 27 years-old and has given birth to a healthy son. The three year-old Stefan Dan, who was suffering from generalised lymphangiomatosis, and whose tale of woe is well known from the media, was discharged from your hospital as having exhausted all forms of therapy. Thanks to Ukrain Stefan has now been able to celebrate his 18th birthday (attachment 15).
Two children with the diagnosis of xeroderma pigmentosum (which means that they cannot tolerate daylight) have also been considerably helped with Ukrain, as previously described in my letter of 16 January (attachments 16-17). 
The effect of Ukrain here can probably be attributed to its immune modulating properties. It can be supposed that the preparation corrects possible disruptions in the as yet immature immune system and thus contributes to the improvement in the condition.

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