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Letter to the Austrian Minister of Health

Alois Stöger
Federal Minister of Health
Federal Ministry of Health
1030 Vienna

7 October 2010

Dear Minister,

As early as 1979 health authority civil servants attempted to intervene at the patent office to prevent a patent being granted for Urkain (Enclosure 1). From the enclosed recollection from memory of Mag. Kowarik you can see that the authorities had already decided not to approve Ukrain (Enclosure 2). Looking back at this civil servant’s statement today I am led to the interpreation that, despite evidence of the  efficacy, safety and quality of the preparation, this aim has been achieved. My applications of 1976, 1981 and 1985 have remained undealt with until now even though the European Court of Human Rights returned a verdict against the Republic of Austria (Enclosure 3). On 25 April 2002 my supplementary applications of 30 August 1986, 7 December 2000, and my supplementary application of 5 March 2001 for the approval of Ukrain as a medical speciality under the condition “after failure of standard therapy” were rejected (Enclosure 4).
Numerous requests from scientists, doctors and reputed expert witnesses to make Ukrain available to cancer patients have also been ignored (Enclosure 5). Because until now Ukrain has still not been approved the health insurance institutions refuse to pay for the costs of treatment. For many patients it is therefore not possible to benefit from the preparation and they are not able to claim their right to free choice of therapy which is guaranteed by legislation.
Among the 250 doctors in Austria who have applied Ukrain, and in the process have provided increasing and sound evidence for its efficacy, many have allowed themselves to be intimidated by harrassment by the authorities such as unlawful orders, disciplinary procedures and criminal charges and have distanced themselves from Ukrain (Enclosure 6). Therefore only a few Austrian doctors are still now occupied with Ukrain.  
Hundreds of patients throughout the world have been cured by Ukrain over the course of the years. I take the liberty of presenting three well-documented cases to you in which both the diagnosis as well as the first treatment was carried out in Austrian hospitals.
1. Ms Hedwig Jakob, metastising colon carcinoma. After an obstruction of the bowels a metastising tumour the size of a child’s head was diagnosed. The tumour was surgically removed at the Kaiserin Elisabeth-Spital der Stadt Wien but not the metastases – the prognosis was therefore rather bleak (Enclosure 7). A complete remission was achieved with Ukrain as monotherapy. She is still alive today, more than 23 years later, which clearly shows that Ukrain does not only cause complete remissions but complete cures.
2. Stefan Dan, generalised lymphangiomatosis (Enclosures 8 and Enclosures 9), was discharged from St. Anna Kinderspital as having exhausted all forms of therapy. Thanks to Ukrain Stefan has now been able to celebrate his 18th birthday.
3. Marianna Katic, tuberous sclerosis complex, was discharged from St. Anna Kinderspital in 1996 as a hopless case and then treated with Ukrain. Ms Katic is now 27 years-old and has given birth to a healthy son (Enclosure 10).
If the authorities can show me one single similar case in the literature or from medical practice in which the same success has been achieved with other medication, I shall apologise and stop my work as having been in error. However, since I am aware that my preparation can save the lives of many cancer patients and, according to my knowledge no similar cures can be achieved with other preparations I shall continue to struggle on behalf of patients so that they are able to make use of this preparation.
With this letter I am enclosing proof of the efficacy, safety and quality of Ukrain (Enclosure 11). If the authorities are not in a position to present similar successfully treated cases with other preparations, I would ask you to make Ukrain accessible for all those affected as quickly as possible.
Since this is a matter of public interest, I shall take the liberty of publishing this letter with all its enclosures as well as your much-appreciated reply on the internet.
I look forward to your reply.
Best regards,


Dr. W. Nowicky

1. Email from Dr. Hauer of 7 June 2010
2. Note for the file of Mag. Kowarik
3. Case of Nowicky v. Austria, Judgment, 24 February 2005
4. Decision of 25 April 2002
5. Supplementary explanation
6. Chronology
7. Operation report H. Jakob
8. Book: “Krebsmittel Ukrain: Kriminalgeschichte einer Verhinderung“ by Dr. Eleonore Thun-Hohenstein, Molden Verlag, pages 7-9, 185-188.
9. Stefan Dan, photos during therapy
10. Nowicki, 2003
11. NSC 631570 (Ukrain): Efficacy, Safety and Quality

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