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Open Letter to Federal Minister for European and International Affairs


Federal Minister for European and

International Affairs

Dr. Michael Spindelegger

Minoritenplatz 8

1014 Vienna


                                                                                                                      30 August 2012


Open letter


Dear Federal Minister,


You certainly know that scientific studies and articles confirm that:

----- after initial containment of the tumour through chemotherapy, cancer cells continue with accelerated growth later and that cancer cells are then able to survive further chemotherapy;

----- Chemotherapy “Giftkur ohne Nutzen” (“Toxic Treatment with no Benefits”) see Spiegel article No. 41/2004;

----- Spiegel article No. 20/2010 “Schlicht Obszön - Jetzt wehren sich Ärzte” (“Simply Obscene – Now Doctors Defend Themselves”);

----- “Nebenwirkung Tod” (“Side-Effect Death”) book by Dr. Virapen about practices in large pharmaceutical concerns such as Eli Lilly;

----- Oncologist Dr. Wolf-Dieter Ludwig: on new active agents “and their often dubious benefits”;

----- Prof. Dr. K.R.Aigner: “The pharmaceutical industry defines the guidelines. Every other form of therapy is dismissed as experimental.”

----- Journal of Clinical Oncology USA: “Oncologists should refrain from using chemotherapy for patients with advanced tumours where no success can be expected.”

----- Merck achieves compulsory vaccination in USA through lies.

----- Eli Lilly admits that doctors where paid over 200 million dollars in bribes;

----- Scandal: GlaxoSmithKline pleads guilty and pays a record fine of three billion dollars (falsified information, payment of bribes so that dangerous and expensive medicines are prescribed, false information about efficacy and safety).


Large pharmaceutical companies have the opportunity and the power to pay bribes. Where is their conscience? Where does that leave the patient?


As you certainly know from my letters to you, my company is a one-man firm. Is this the reason that your officials continually lay obstacles in my path instead of giving an effective cancer preparation with negligible side-effects a chance? Ukrain is safe in use; which cannot be said about chemotherapy drugs.


Back in May 2008 the Schönherr law firm, specialist for the pharmaceutical market, warned me that, “Ukrain has no legal basis due to the conduct of the health authorities, and recent developments lead to the suspicion that the authorities even intend to criminalise the sale and distribution of Ukrain in future.”


Up until 2008 I already had to struggle with great harassment by the authorities. Legal action was taken against doctors who used Ukrain ( or they were subjected to disciplinary proceedings ( Even vets who achieved the best results were forbidden to continue treatment with Ukrain. Parents were also forbidden under threats to allow their child to continue treatment with Ukrain even though it was having the greatest success, which had terrible consequences for the child ( The world-famous surgeon for pancreatic cancer, Univ. Prof. Dr. Beger, who carried out studies whose results were obviously too favourable towards Ukrain for the liking of the authorities, was subjected to great difficulties, all of which he was able to repudiate in court. However, as a result he subsequently completely withdrew from working with the preparation.


I could not imagine that it was actually going to get worse:

On 14.10.2011 there was a demonstration against Ukrain in front of the Austrian embassy in Kiev and a protest letter was delivered to the embassy.

On 24.10.2011 I received the protest note from the embassy – it was a circular from your official, Mag. Unterkofler (PharmMed, BASG), which had been translated into Russian.

On 04.11.2011 I asked you for information about the incident. The circular from Mag. Unterkofler did not only contain incomplete information but also false information.


Do you really agree that staff of the Austrian health authorities may send out commercially damaging circulars? And do so in the name of the health authorities? So far you have not answered my letter.


On 11.11.2011 officials from the above-mentioned authorities confiscated 5,654 ampoules of Ukrain from the premises of Nowicky Pharma, 1040 Vienna. It was stated in writing that Ukrain had recently lost its status as a registered medicine in Ukraine. This was not known to my staff. The officials informed them that this information had been received from the Austrian embassy in Kiev.

On 14.11.2011, i.e. three days following the above information, the Ukrainian minister of health only suspended Ukrain registration but did not withdraw it, which has also not yet happened. Under Ukrainian law such a decree must be approved by the ministry of justice. However, this approval was not given and the minister of health was dismissed by the president of Ukraine. Because the suspension was unlawful no legal proceedings are pending.

On 25.8.2012 I was telephoned from Ukraine and told that another demonstration was planned to take place in front of the Austrian embassy on the following day. Three Ukrainian television teams were planning to be there as well as officials from Austria who wanted to be interviewed about Ukrain. When I made all this known on the same day only one television team attended, no Austrian official gave an interview and the programme was also not broadcast on Ukrainian television.


And it went on:

Your official travelled to my German supplier, the Dyckerhoff company, (was this done using our taxpayers’ money?), which produces Ukrain according to GMP rules. As we were informed by the company director, the German authorities, with the participation of Austrian officials, forbade her to continue producing and distributing Ukrain on the grounds that Ukrain was no longer registered in Ukraine – which still does not represent the truth. Dyckerhoff was even informed that the whole company could also be shut down if they continued to produce Ukrain or distribute the already produced ampoules. These ampoules could save lives but they are now destined to rot.   


However, since Ukrain was registered in Georgia, the supplier wanted to distribute the product there. However, due to interventions in the meantime registration was cancelled there.


The fact that the German company LAT, built up by Dr. Tittel and which enjoys an extremely good reputation in specialist circles, was forced to stop carrying out quality analyses of Ukrain can hardly be surpassed for cynicism. Do the officials believe that it is of more benefit to patients if the quality of the preparation is checked by any small laboratory? In any case, Dr. Tittel personally threw in the towel, sold his company and wrote to me, “Here I would like to thank you for the many years that you trusted my expertise for Ukrain. I would be very pleased if one day Ukrain is available for cancer treatment and is properly registered under medical law.”


Dear Minister, in 1993 in extremely short time your officials granted registration in Austria to the chemotherapeutic drug Taxol as the first country in the world although it was not even the country of origin of this preparation. Taxol is a product of the large American pharmaceutical company Bristol-Myers Squibb. Preclinical and clinical studies were already stipulated in 1993 but at the time of the registration of Taxol there were still no comparative studies available. Conformation of this can even be found in the summary of product characteristics for Taxol from 1993. 


Article 7 of the Austrian Constitution states that all citizens are equal before the law: this too has been ignored. In 1993 more than 450 case histories as well as clinical studies had already been submitted to your ministry. The course of action to register Taxol in the shortest possible time – but not Ukrain – must have a reason. How can this be explained?


Since I also do not expect an answer from you to this letter, I have put it on the internet as an “open letter”.


Best regards,




Dr. Wassil Nowicky