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The current situation surrounding the anti-cancer preparation Ukrain can be regarded as critical (, Several questions must be cleared up, especially for the benefit of patients(, ). In recent months there have been many requests for the preparation ( Many of them have been from patients who were already undergoing treatment and should have started new therapy cycles ( In view of the fact that the preparation is already produced but in storage awaiting destruction it is depressing to have to say no to these requests(,,, 11.Dez_.2012_1.pdf).

This medicine is approved for open controlled studies (

Studies which have been carried out have shown that the survival rate (21 months) was 78.5% in the group treated with Ukrain compared to 33.3% in the group treated with chemotherapy (  Numerous other studies have confirmed the efficacy of the preparation (;

In 1996 “Reports by Doctors, Scientists and Patients” was submitted to the Austrian Federal Ministry of Health, Sport and Consumer Protection ( In these documents doctors called for registration to be granted quickly ( 

The efficacy safety and quality of Ukrain have been proven ( The well-respected medical portal PubMed carries 177 specialist publications on the subject (

In registration proceedings for Ukrain article 7 of the Austrian Constitution has been violated (

In addition, as stipulated by § 8 AMG (Austrian Medicines Law) every doctor is entitled to use Ukrain in treating patients (

Despite this, Austrian ministries have decided not to grant market registration in Austria (, Book: KREBSMITTEL UKRAIN: Kriminalgeschichte einer Verhinderung (Anti-Cancer Preparation Ukrain: A Story of Obstruction) Eleonore Thun-Hohenstein. MOLDEN VERLAG. And beyond this they want to destroy the inventor and thereby also the medicine (,,,

Sad but true – the Austrian media but also the courts are actively helping in this (,,, NOW.pdf, NOW.pdf).

The fact that the destruction is being carried out in the form of a worldwide campaign against Ukrain by the same agency for medical safety that recently brought difficulties to its own minister with a curious view of the interpretation of official secrets in connection with pesticides and that it became clear that the agency is well linked with pharmaceutical giants is only mentioned here in passing.

However, this is not a question of the fate of the inventor but far more of the sad fate of all cancer patients, including very many small children suffering from cancer who are being refused access to the possibly life-saving Ukrain,,




Ukrain is the first medicament that has a toxic effect on cancer cells but not on healthy cells ( is thus the only anti-cancer preparation in the world with a selective effect (

Book: Krebs besiegen ohne  Nebenwirkungen. (Conquering Cancer without Side-Effects) Dr. Monika Berthold – Elisabeth Buchner. FVB. (,

In order to be able to proceed against the inventor, his staff and thus against the medicine these people were classified as a criminal organisation. This is – astonishingly – based upon the following witness statements, which however speak for themselves.

(,, ).

It is therefore important not to remain silent, …“whoever falls asleep in a democracy will wake up in a dictatorship.“ Dr. Frank Gansauge.